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"Thank you and Michelle for being so wonderful. It was a great night! "
- Holly Gross, Birthday Party in Nahant, 2012

"Please understand that I am very busy. My wife works full time, and I work full time plus a half. I mention that not to call attention to myself. I know lots of people who are doing the same thing these days. I mention it because, also like a lot of people, I don't have a lot of free time; however, Mario, the bartender you sent for our party was so great, that I can't let it go un-noticed.He was polite and professional. He helped keep the party clean, and he was a great addition. I hope to have the opportunity to hire him again in the future.

Again, please understand that taking this time is a big deal for me. I meant to call you that night, but I am always pulled in different directions, especially when I'm at home (i.e. not at work). Mario was excellent. Thank you very much for making our daughter's party a great success. She was happy. Our guests were happy, and I was happy to have the bartending duty handled by an insured professional. Thank you very much."
-Vik, College Graduation Party, 2012

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